My name is Slava Knyazev. I began writing Software when I was 15 and never stopped. Throughout my career, I began to develop strong opinions on Software which I share on this blog.

Building Better Software… Slower

When it comes to individual contributors, their work is pulled in two opposing directions: optimizing for quality against optimizing for time. Quality constraints are generally imposed from within, born out of love for the craft. Time constraints, on the other hand, usually come from management.

It’s not difficult to imagine which wins out most of the time.

Simple business realities make writing quality software a challenge. As a Software Engineer, being knee-capped by external constraints has once eroded my confidence. I now believe it is critically important to take the time to build something you can be proud of for no other reason than to remind yourself that you are indeed capable of it. There are no deadlines; there is no need to rush it. You are free to make it perfect.

This blog is my exercise in perfectionism.


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